Kicking the Tires of Thursday, February 8

Happiness is the Important Thing

The important thing is feeling happy.  The important thing is clarity. The important thing is focusing on what I want, not on what I don’t want.  The important thing is shifting my vibrational set point. As I write, I feel a shift in my confidence. I feel connected. I feel fulfilled. Life feels fun and worthwhile although I am not doing anything special.  I feel differences between states, and practice shifting to a state that feels better.

Attending the San Rafael Workshop

Why do I want to go to the San Rafael workshop? Because it would be fun to participate in person again in a room filled with people out to enjoy several hours of participation.  It would be a lot more fun than it ever was before because I am so much in a receptive state.  I would love participating in the workshop because it would just be something I love doing out of who I am.  It would just be fun to be in the hot seat just for the fun of the experience. Another thing that I would really love to do is subscribe again to the workshop master tapes.  I really love those so much. I love loving things.  I love feeling engaged and excited about things.

In this minute, I can say that I really love my life, I love being here typing and I love feeling expectation of exciting and wonderful things to come as well. I really love this experience of wanting things just for the fun and eagerness of wanting things.

Imagination Exercise

Pure and unadulterated desire focuses a flow of energy.  What would be even more fun is to go to the seminar and pay for ten more people to attend. Imagine living from impulse without a care in the world.  I laugh when I think how I planned in logical sequence and ruined my life. Well of course I mean ruined in a fun way. I am in the groove and having a wonderful time this morning.  Madness not to align myself for the day.  Think of managing the way I feel and my focused intention to create fun and lovely things and let the Universal Manager move mountains and molehills. Try it for an hour-or two-or forever.

Imagine playing violin in the world’s most dynamic and thrilled orchestra.  Imagine being surrounded by musicians lost in glory of creating music soaring to the skies.  Imagine playing outdoors in an open field by a bubbling brook.  Imagine playing to the galaxies.  Imagine dancing in tune to unheard of music of the spinning and expanding galaxies.