A moment of silence remembering that cataclysmic morning of September 11.

My god! has 19 years really gone by since that day in 2001?

Compared to the events of that day, my “issues” feel laughably insignificant.

  • What would happen if regard all my days as laughably insignificant?
  • Does insignificance equate to meaningless?
  • If my days are insignificant am I an insignificant blot on the landscape?
  • If my days are insignificant, would I continue to get up in the morning, pay bills, investigate the new gadgets on Amazon?
  • If my days are insignificant, would I make decisions?
  • Does significance require elements of effort, pain, and loss?
  • If my days flow effortlessly and without concern, are they significant?


The really good magic trick . 

Woody Allen, I think it was, lamented “life is so daily.” Considering the alternative, I vote for daily life. However, the repetition of ongoing tasks and chores required by daily life often tricks me into thinking and feeling that I am not really living.

As one Covid-19 infected day merges into the next, and the next, and the next, ad infinitum, I am learning this: an adrenaline high doesn’t equate to really living. Having said that, here comes an “Ah-Ha” lightbulb. The name of the game is becoming independent from outside stimulation. Using my mind to generate an adrenaline high from the inside is the WOW POW magic act that transforms the dailyness of it all from boring grind to interesting and entertaining. 


Star Moments of Today

What are the star moments for today? Discovering Neville Goddard recordings on You Tube: listening to him confirmed that ‘Imagination’ is truly a vehicle to living a happy and satisfying life.  His words support everything that Abraham is saying by way of Esther Hicks.

Apricots again after three years

Last, but not least: the happy discovery of the apricot tree filled with fruit, many of which are ripe enough for picking. 

Kicking the Tires of Halloween 2019

The Case for Better Feeling Thoughts

Some days ago, a conversation with a close relative set slammed the door on my figurative tail. Indeed my back was up just like an angry cat. My mind muttered on about that event for most of the day. I was angry.

Feeling angry feels bad physically. As I always prefer feeling good, I simply stopped thinking about the incident. I started thinking about pony trekking in Iceland; imagining the horse I was riding and the scenery I was riding through. That felt so good, my spirit lifted to the point of motivating me to work a rock garden. I completely forgot about the annoying conversation.

The next day, that event drifted back into my attention. In the interim, my viewpoint had shifted. It seemed to me that my relative actually had a valid point and that I was pig-headedly holding on to an issue that hadn’t been relevant since 2015.

There is no law that requires me to continue thinking thoughts about annoying events in the past. It’s a free country; I am allowed to think about anything I like-particularly if they are thoughts that feel good even when they are figments of my imagination.