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Bricks of Imagination

Yesterday, I knew what I was going to write; today, I am not so sure.  I’d boarded a train of thought that promised an interesting journey. Overnight doubt and uncertainty arrived to cast shadows of “maybe I shouldn’t,” and “maybe I am wrong.” Continue reading “Bricks of Imagination”


Creating Belief

Practicing Belief in the Power of Imagination

First I gave lip service to the power of imagination it because I liked the idea.  I did some imagination exercises. Nothing happened, nothing changed-so it seemed.  I left everything on a shelf to gather dust. Lackadaisically, I picked up the idea again, played around a little, and dropped it again. So on, and so forth.

On some level, something stuck because my theme “power of the imagination” gains a more of a hold every day.  I find myself on the threshold of believing.  I believe that belief is an objective in and of itself. I believe I can practice the deliberate application of belief.  Imagination is both the miner’s lamp and pickax that I will use to explore this cave of the mind. Continue reading “Creating Belief”

Recouping from Failure of Imagination with a Nod to J. K. Rowling

Using the Power of Imagination

Imagination: my Personal Theme for 2017

I bounded into the New Year filled with enthusiasm for my personal theme for 2017: using the Power of Imagination. Before the turn into 2017, I’d been reading a lot of Joseph Murphy, Florence Scoville Shinn, Napoleon Hill, as well as Maxwell Maltz, whose book Psycho-Cybernetics  spearheaded the self-help movement of the ‘70’s.’ I even went so far as to create a coffee mug design for New Year’s (See previous post).

Failure to Exercise Imagination

Today, I admit to absolute and abject failure (as well as an addiction to alliteration).  This is a failure of allowing a good idea to lie fallow. It is not a failure of abandonment.

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How to Use Your Imagination: Clear Out the Weeds

Graphic Illustrating Step One of Using Imagination
Clear the Weeds

How to Use Your Imagination

Clear Out the “Weeds” of Negative Thoughts

Using a Farming Metaphor

I’ve found it’s easier to work with my imagination if I use a metaphor to help build a repeatable process for using my imagination. Coming from generations of farming folk, a metaphor the speaks to me is planting and growing a field of crops.

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Using Imagination: Clearing the Slate

Clearing the Slate for Imagination

power-of-the-subconscious-mindAttribution: accumulated works of Joseph Murphy “The Power of the Subconscious Mind.”

Between yesterday and this morning, I discovered for myself the validity of something Joseph Murphy wrote. Pay attention to the stuff you allow into your head. It’s certain sure that it doesn’t serve me to allow the talking heads of national media into my personal space.

Instead of building an image from what I want from the day, I find myself  engaged in internal arguments with people I don’t know and with people who don’t know me. The end result? I am completely distracted from my own objectives. Trivial they may be, but they are my objectives.


2017 A Year of Imagining 2017

In the middle of last December, I was creating cat designs to print on coffee mugs. Futzing around for quotations, I stumbled over one by Maxwell Maltz. I kept coming back to it.

“A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment…For imagination sets the goal ‘picture’ which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of ‘will,’ as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination.”

Maxwell Maltz, New Psychocybernetics

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The Christmas Letter I Didn’t Send

Merry Christmas! Peace and Goodwill to All

The annual “Christmas Letter” morphed into an op ed piece, that I didn’t want to inflict on my family and friends. So  I will publish it here. This blog is under the radar: it won’t be read unless total strangers fall over it on their way to something better.

             I will say It’s nice to say Merry Christmas-again. . .. I confess that I don’t spend much time with “the news” in any form. Most of my attention focuses on books, what’s new in technology, and the latest gossip from the horse world.

Retreat into Bleak

The ban on “Christmas” sort of drifted over my head. The “Happy Holiday” signs in all the stores made little impression because I don’t show up at malls between November 17 and January 6th. I woke up to this bruhaha the second week in November at the library-of all places.

I was shut away in a back room with four others banging out our NaNoWriMo novel. One of the librarians shared the room. She was covering books with brown-bag paper, and decorating them with large gold star “stickers.”  She told us that she planned using these to create a large “book tree” for part of the library’s holiday decorations. I made some comment about using brightly colored paper. Much to my surprise, the librarian, in all seriousness, informed me that colored paper would make the decorations too exclusively Christian in tone. My internal response was a blend of surprise, irritation, and laughter.  I held my tongue and refrained from pointing out that stars were a major symbol of a Christian holiday.

This one size fits all business results in cloths that not only don’t fit, they lack both color and life.  The removal of tailoring from clothes and color from fabric results is among the first little devils raising its head in a totalitarian society. Especially those proclaiming “its for the good of the people.”

Returning to Color and Fit

Instead of creating decorations in beige, why not decorate inclusively:  the red and green of Christmas, the blue and silver of Hanukkah, the. green and black and white and red of Moslem festivals. Of you have to add the riot of colors used to celebrate the Hindu Diwali!

            I love the holiday season, with all the lights, the special coffee concoctions at Starbucks, the wrapping paper, the potlucks, the feelings of community, and generosity.  All of us need a break from the crazy hubbub of the first fifty-one and a half weeks. We need festivity. We need a space for mystery and wonder.

Were I king, I would mandate a holiday celebration lasting from December 24th until January 6th! To paraphrase William Blake, “you don’t know what enough is, until you’ve had too much. After twelve days of holiday, it will be sheer joy to return to work.

Wishing all of you lots of colorful clothes tailor made clothes, and a really good time wearing them.


Writer Returning from NaNoWriMo

Writer Returning from NaNoWriMo

Successful Failure at NaNoWriMo

Did I actually submit a 50,000 word novel on November 30, 2016? Nope! Nevertheless, I feel successful.  Without a plot, without a winkle of an idea, I waded in and typed, typed, typed. A plot emerged, albeit a bad one. Characters emerged, albeit cardboard. Once finished, this novel will be dreadful. I will never see the light of day. Then again, maybe it will as an anonymously published kindle book. 🙂

Gain One from NaNoWriMo

It is much easier for me to write with momentum. The habit of stopping to mull over the right way to phrase a sentence has disappeared.  From time to time, I rewrite a sentence from certain knowledge of a better way to phrase the thought. But I don’tt spent time mulling and pondering.

Gain Two from NaNoWriMo

Wow! my writing has really improved.  More verbs, many more active verbs. The count of inactive verbs decreased by sixty percent. As a side comment, I always enjoyed reading Dick Francis mysteries because he wrote them with so much forward momentum. That probably came from his years and years of riding horses over hurdles. Forward momentum is the key to that game.

Gain Three from NaNoWriMo

Surprise! I now look forward to writing. Once I procrastinated when it was necessary to write.  Now I enjoy writing. I look forward to writing. My day feels empty if I haven’t written anything.

Gain Four from NaNoWriMo

Now I consider myself a writer. Am I a good writer? No. Certainly I will improve as a writer. But being a mediocre writer no longer stops me from considering myself as a writer. The gift of grace that comes from crossing into decade seven is that celebrate other writers, without needing to compare myself.

Visit this organization’s web site at the link below.

National Novel Writing Month organization








Out on a Limb with a Saw

My writing habit is coming along.I write daily, leaving my pen prints here and there; hither and yon. Much to their surprise, a number of folks in the blogging universe found comments from me.

A week ago, I made a grand and crazy gesture that placed me on a limb with a saw. I committed to NaNoWriMo. That is the National November Write a Novel Month. It means I have to write a fifty thousand word novel by midnight, November 30.

This is going to be a volume effort. No plot, no editing, just a continuous flow of words with minimal coherence.

I’m jazzed!