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Day Two of the New Birthday Year

How fast do I want to drive this new day? I want to drive very fast and in order to do that I have to focus, focus, focus on thinking the thoughts that I want to think in order to feel good.

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Today’s Script Ture for October 26

Had some wonderful dreams last night. All I remember was the feeling of the dream. It felt delightful: good things were happening and everything was working out for me. Today I am writing about a successful organization imbues senior citizens with power: political and social power. Why? Because I want to have senior citizens to have more fun in the third stage of life than they had before. I want senior citizens front and center in society, not shunted into a backwater.


Creating Belief

Practicing Belief in the Power of Imagination

First I gave lip service to the power of imagination it because I liked the idea.  I did some imagination exercises. Nothing happened, nothing changed-so it seemed.  I left everything on a shelf to gather dust. Lackadaisically, I picked up the idea again, played around a little, and dropped it again. So on, and so forth.

On some level, something stuck because my theme “power of the imagination” gains a more of a hold every day.  I find myself on the threshold of believing.  I believe that belief is an objective in and of itself. I believe I can practice the deliberate application of belief.  Imagination is both the miner’s lamp and pickax that I will use to explore this cave of the mind. Continue reading “Creating Belief”

Recouping from Failure of Imagination with a Nod to J. K. Rowling

Using the Power of Imagination

Imagination: my Personal Theme for 2017

I bounded into the New Year filled with enthusiasm for my personal theme for 2017: using the Power of Imagination. Before the turn into 2017, I’d been reading a lot of Joseph Murphy, Florence Scoville Shinn, Napoleon Hill, as well as Maxwell Maltz, whose book Psycho-Cybernetics  spearheaded the self-help movement of the ‘70’s.’ I even went so far as to create a coffee mug design for New Year’s (See previous post).

Failure to Exercise Imagination

Today, I admit to absolute and abject failure (as well as an addiction to alliteration).  This is a failure of allowing a good idea to lie fallow. It is not a failure of abandonment.

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How to Use Your Imagination: Clear Out the Weeds

Graphic Illustrating Step One of Using Imagination
Clear the Weeds

How to Use Your Imagination

Clear Out the “Weeds” of Negative Thoughts

Using a Farming Metaphor

I’ve found it’s easier to work with my imagination if I use a metaphor to help build a repeatable process for using my imagination. Coming from generations of farming folk, a metaphor the speaks to me is planting and growing a field of crops.

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Using Imagination: Clearing the Slate

Clearing the Slate for Imagination

power-of-the-subconscious-mindAttribution: accumulated works of Joseph Murphy “The Power of the Subconscious Mind.”

Between yesterday and this morning, I discovered for myself the validity of something Joseph Murphy wrote. Pay attention to the stuff you allow into your head. It’s certain sure that it doesn’t serve me to allow the talking heads of national media into my personal space.

Instead of building an image from what I want from the day, I find myself  engaged in internal arguments with people I don’t know and with people who don’t know me. The end result? I am completely distracted from my own objectives. Trivial they may be, but they are my objectives.