Yesterday, my milometer ticked over another 1000 miles. I am still in the 70,000 mile range, but the wheels are turning faster. Not long now before I break into the next decade.. When I blew out the latest wet birthday candles I told myself “got to move faster so I can pass the checkered flag flying with a flourish.

Another Thousand Miles on the Treads

I am still up for learning new things, acquiring new skills and finding new ways of looking at life. Thinking back. . .Just now, I stopped myself. I won’t write anything referencing the “the me that was and “the me” that wasn’t”.

Look Ahead When Driving

How much time must be lost before it’s impossible to make up for lost time? Perhaps,the answer is “never.” Possibly one can build a new time, and live that instead. I painted the back window of my car with black reflective paint so I cannot see the road behind. After all what is the point? I cannot fix the potholes, cracks and ruts of the road I already drove. . Now when I look in the rear view mirror, it reflects the road ahead; now I always see where I am going.

The Last Lap

“The game is afoot” as Holmes said. How fast can I drive? How far can I drive? How much fun can I have along the way? Once I finally run out of gas with no hope of refilling the tank. I want to feel satisfied with the way I drove the last lap.



If Wanda the fairy godmother shimmered into my living room, wand at the ready to grant three wishes, the first wish I’d spill is to produce an eight-episode television series from “The Curse of Chalion” by Lois McMaster Bujold. I read this book at least three times a year. It’s my opinion that it’s a masterpiece of world building. The linchpin of this story is the elegantly constructed religion base upon Five Gods: a god for each of four seasons, and a fifth god for chaos. Perhaps chaos misses the mark. The fifth god governs the unexpected the misplaced. When I find my engine idling, I entertain myself by imagining myself as a producer of this show. Oops! Times up! Hit the publish button


A 2021 Resolution Shot to H–!

The resolution was to post every day without fail as this was my personal record tracking my use of imagination as a means of tracking the third semester of my allotted “four score and ten.” Sigh! I couldn’t manage to string words into a sentence. Once upon a time, somewhere someone stated forcefully “there is no such thing as writer’s block.”

It’s true. I certainly can’t claim writer’s block. I lacked the stamina for noodling through half-baked ideas and pushing limp words into sentences until one morphs into a paragraph.

For seventy-four years, I asked myself “if I don’t write up to my standards, should I write at all?” If one can’t write deathless prose, what is the point of writing at all? Personally speaking, the point of “getting my hands dirty” putting  words on paper is that I learn to appreciate good writing. I have certainly stumbled across some great writing that will never appear on the curriculum of a university English. Except for mine of course.

There are books that I read three times for the story then five more times to analyze and admire how the author constructs sentences, or establishes a mood or arcs a small  recurring event through the story until it explodes as the turning point of the novel.

Here’s a thought. What fun it might be teaching my own English class, using my own favorite books as a curriculum.

Think about it!


Third Year is the Charm, That’s Definite

 Hot Damn, it’s the first week of March: meaning that I have missed fifty-one days of practicing imagination posting my experiences therewith (now there is pompous word.)

I’ve been toying with this idea for three years now, but never committed to serious practice of it. Nevertheless, my spasmodic attention led me to Neville Goddard.

Listening to his lectures (courtesy of You Tube), as well as reading his publications convinced me take the creative powers of imagination seriously. For the remainder of the year, I am committing myself to daily practice of imagination-putting my heart into it.

It certainly provides a focus for my life at a point where I need a passionate reason for being. The “Year of Covid-19” plunked me into a state of drifting. Not only did I not know what week it was, I didn’t know what I was doing here.

After all, I don’t have endless time and I desire a path to follow with dedication as it provides the core around which to build days filled with satisfaction, fun and all-around happiness.

Won’t it be fun to see how it goes.