Over Joyed

Turned On and Teary

After a “morning session” with my favorite possession, I was connected. I was tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. I was grooving with the world, but my eyes were filled with tears.

Over Joy

A voice said “that is an experience of over joy.” I experienced a wash of joy in such  volume that my resistance couldn’t allow the complete experience. “Overjoy” an experience of joy fractionally to big for my body to contain.  For three or five seconds, I experienced  myself not as a single entity, but as a flow of energy flowing into multiple channels simultaneously.  For a brief moment, I was a pair of happy young lovers, a math teacher, and someone hacking through undergrowth somewhere hot and humid

Self Appreciation

Here’s a mini miracle: I feel it’s totally possible to not only accept, but to truly enjoy my financial choices that haven’t yet blossomed into the abundance that is in my vortex. Not only can I appreciate myself, I can think of myself as a wonderfully successful person. A wonderful way to start the day.