Roses and Honeysuckle are the flowers for June

Feeling Good with Music

In honor of June, started looking for a recording of Carousel for the song about “June busting out all over.” Naturally, I found it on Amazon Prime music, along with the original sound cast recording of CAMELOT which I played at full volume. When I was seventeen, I knew the lyrics of all the songs by heart. I had a glorious, solo sing along this morning.

Don’t Worry Listen to Music

Woke up in the wee small hours of the morning and got to thinking about the ways I think G should change her behaviors for her own good and her own health. Concluded that it would be a good idea to have a serious conversation about this. What a stupid conclusion: a conclusion that evolves from thoughts that feel bad is a conclusion doomed to produce bad feeling results. After sixty years I am finally getting some smarts by managing my own feelings and keeping my nose out of other people’s business. Wish I had been that smart when I was fourteen and focused on my own feelings instead of wasting my energy on trying to manage my parents. Better late then never??



Graphi stylized iris
Depend on Source

The Illusion of Independence

From the git-go I was determined to be independent and self-reliant: just realized that independence is an illusion. Whoops! I am totally dependent for every breath, every heart beat etc.

Depend on Source

Depend on Source: not parents, not families, not groups, not governments. Dependence upon Source means allowing the flow of energy. Therefore, it’s necessary to practice alignment and allowing. This requires softness and flexibility in thought, in feeling, and in body. The practice of Tai Chi is a wonderful metaphor as it requires softness on the outside and firm focus on the inside.


graphic of two coffee cups and saucers
Coffee Set photographed by Gabriela Talerico

A Cup of Vengefulness

Yesterday, I swung back and forth between vengefullness and neutrality. The canvass upon which I painted my moods was vengefullness for Easter Sunday, and the entire responsibility for the dinner preparation and the subsequent clean up fell on my shoulders. The seasoning was a series of jabbing criticisms illiciting the impulse to yelling “do it yourself then.”

The Cup of Imagination

There was so much momentum on those feelings that my only way to find ease was to think about something entirely different and engage in completeing tasks that were miles away from yesterday. I did swap my winter clothing for my summer clothing, and that was effortless. It is clear that I am repeating patterns from fifty years. The only way to align with my life of happiness, well-being, and crazy abundance is focusing the power of my imagination on what I want and disregard “the what is.”

For today, I want to feeling satisfaction, happiness, and appreciation. I desire a day where the people in my life are experiencing happiness and satisfaction. For me, satisfaction will be a thousand words in my book. a new post for the Front Door, belief in the abundance that will be flowing to me this month, and development of a richly satisfying career.

Kicking the Tires of April 12 2019

I am very taken by yesterday’s Abraham quotation:

Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.

Today, I am experimenting with projecting my thought, and allow the Universe to respond. Daily, I become more intensely aware of general tone of disapproval and criticism that colors my thoughts. I feel a strong desire to shift my vibrational set point to one more established in satisfaction, happiness and joy. It does require effort, but the effort required is minimal-once I become aware that my thoughts are generating bad feelings.