What I Fail to Understand. . .

Summertime Shadow Flowers

At 9:55 A.M. this post started as a rant and rave. A prior commitment forced me to walk away. At 3:24 I have returned to finish this post. I have a choice. I can finish the rant and rave and take a carpet ride on unpleasant feelings.

I am sitting on a cusp point. I can chose a different set of feelings by thinking a different set of thoughts. Am I repressing the rant and rave feelings? No, I am electing not to perpetuate a habitual feeling response, I am choosing to drop one feeling as a toddler drops a toy and pick up a different feeling simply by shifting focus to a different set of thoughts.
That’s an act of creative imagination



Image is a teeter-totter with an elephant sitting on the ground end, with two rats on the opposite end. Metaphor of the weight of old habits of thought and attitude
The ground level of negative thinking

At a Loss for Words

What a fun metaphor – the above sketch. Could it be adapted into a coat of arms?? The elephant rampant on his ass, and the rats unable to budge their end of the teeter totter. This is a perfect metaphor of my exercise in changing my life through the deliberate practice of imagination. The elephant is decades of accumulated thoughts and feelings and habits. The rats are my focused attentions to thoughts, feelings and habits that feel good.

Looks Bad But Not Hopeless

Everybody know there is only one way to eat and elephant. One bite at a time. So there is hope. The elephant is a single mass, but if I keep adding rats daily, there will be enough rats to overwhelm the elephant.

Kicking the Tires of July 8, 2017

So many tasks so little time and nothing gets done

Living like the White Rabbit, going down a rabbit hole with a watch in one hand. Late for everything and nothing at all getting done. “I’m late, I’m late for a most important date.” “Hello! Goodbye! “Excuse me please”

Can’t do it, give it up

If my feelings of futility result from a failure of imagination, working harder is not the answer. Perhaps it is a lack of effective systems in place. For a month, I plan to spend more time imaging and less time with frantic “doing?” I will diligently practice “segment intending” and see what happens.


Graphic photo of book cover for Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
Book Cover for Night Watch

Four Hour Facebook Binge

Generally, I spend about an hour a week with Facebook looking at photos posted by friends or updating my header image. Since Friday’s release of Good Omens, my thought have been pinwheeling with thoughts and ideas about Terry Pratchett’s books. Their various adaptions to television or film have all missed the mark. Therefore I had a wonderful time engaging in a four hour discussion with a the members of a Terry Pratchett Facebook group. Most of the participants were Brits; all were delightful. I dumped all of my thoughts, ideas, and pet peeves during the course of a lively discussion. I never have to think about Terry Pratchett book adaptions again.