Kicking the Tires of April 18 2019

Creating Moment by Moment

Today’s meditation, so to speak, focuses upon Abraham’s point that we are constantly creating moment by moment. It’s not about manifesting an object or two. It’s about creating alignment, harmony, good feelings and happiness moment by moment. It’s about reaching for the better feeling thought moment by moment. I am gaining more confidence and a deeper understanding about focusing on fresh, new thoughts that feel really good rather than rehashing the same old thoughts and feelings and failing to make those feel better. I am coming to recognize the absolute Reality of the unseen thought and feelings.


Kicking the Tires of April 12 2019

I am very taken by yesterday’s Abraham quotation:

Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.

Today, I am experimenting with projecting my thought, and allow the Universe to respond. Daily, I become more intensely aware of general tone of disapproval and criticism that colors my thoughts. I feel a strong desire to shift my vibrational set point to one more established in satisfaction, happiness and joy. It does require effort, but the effort required is minimal-once I become aware that my thoughts are generating bad feelings.

Kicking the Tires of April 16

Satisfying Rich and Deep Sleep

What a wonderful sleep I had last night; I wore my sleep mask, and had earplugs in my ears. That was secondary to my decision to set aside my Ipad and my Iphone. I didn’t read, I didn’t watch movies. My sleep was richly satisfying, and free from cares.

Monitoring Thoughts and Feelings

Nevertheless, I quickly drifted into thoughts that were creating an unpleasant mood mixed with anger, criticism and self-righteousness. It shocks me to grasp that I thought that was a normal and acceptable way of living my life.

I am giving myself kudos for catching that feeling and retreating from it to look at photos and read a few pages of an absolutely aweful book. The book at least distracted me enough from the momentum of the earlier mood in a way that alllowed my “cork to float.” Right now I am feeling pretty happy.

Can I believe that I allowed myself to project feelings, and say things that were not only lacking harmony, but would diminish somebody’s happiness in having a dog.

What do I Want?

Generally speaking, I want harmony in every hour of my days. Specifically I want happy experiences with little dog Bailey, in a way that enhances my day in many ways without interfering with my time, and my focus, and my projects.

Happiness is a little dog

Kicking Days April 10 2019

Managing Thoughts and Feelings

I am a long way from where I want to be; oops I prefer saying I am making forward progress improving the vibration of my set point. Happily, I am becoming more attentive to the way I feel. I am convinced my emotions indicate the state of my alignment with the joy of living. It has been an eye-opening education to see clearly and feel directly the extent of my negative and critical thinking and the overall unhappiness of my general mood. On the up side, I can teach that old dog of myself new tricks and change the tone and tenor of my thoughts and the resulting feelings. It is by my direct experience that I subscribe to point of view that creation is the product of attraction.

Single-Minded Focus

This morning, I read an excerpt of Melinda Gates’ book Lift. This book added more fuel to my vision that all things can be accomplished through sustained focus upon a single simple and well-defined objective. It does not matter what you pick because concentrated focus upon that subject naturally expands and becomes more inclusive within the focus. In fact, the focus remains single-minded but expands naturally, the same way that the seed of a crystal maintains its structure and clarity as it grows.

Today’s Focus

My focus for today is this: pick something then concentrate my attention on it.