A.M. Wobbles

This morning’s meditation wobbled; my concern for G. distracted me. Still I reached a measure of centered calm. Had there been an emergency, I would have had the equanimity to deal with it.

Of course, I recognize that ninety percent of my concern is for myself. “How will I survive a change to my safe an comfortable circumstances?” That question always lurks in the dark basement of my mind.

As this month winds down, I intend to wind up confidence and belief that my well-being lies with my relationship with Source and not with parents, family, relations, bosses, teachers, or other figures of authority.

I am aware that I want a much better mood than this one. Before publishing today’s post, I must feel my way into a mindset that I like better. I’ll pick and choose among available thoughts, testing for the quality of the way it feels. Here’s a thought that feels buoyant: when I look at my previous work, I am always pleasantly surprised by how good they were. It wasn’t necessary to allow my frustration to abandon them on the wayside. 

I like the idea of moving ahead, because the output will always be better than I think it is.