Stephen Hawkings removed his key from the ignition and parked his car.  He was a remote from my life as the planet Venus, but I will miss his presence in this world.

Such a prodigious mind, unraveling the tapestry of our Universe.  The press reports that within the pages of his last book he stated that God did not exist.  How can I disagree? He was a cosmological physicist, acknowledged as one of the brilliant minds of this century and the last. I haven’t read his last book so I don’t know what was in his mind when he referred to God.

I stand in one place; he stood in another. There is not a single square inch of common ground between us.  So Stephen Hawkings’s experience of the non-existence of God was valid for him.

Stephen Hawkings was a giant intellect. Within the realm of cosmological physics, I accede to his words.  However, there is no need for me to concern myself with his statements outside his field of expertise. An ordinary person like myself does not comprehend cosmology; it  doesn’t invalidate my experience of a universal mind. I am free to live within the framework of belief that arises from that experience.

He who spends time with the stars might not build seaworthy boats.