graphic of a Halloween ghost
fun with photoshop

I really hate the medical profession; at least in its current model where the physicians have demoted themselves to pharmaceutical pimps and prostitutes. In my heart, I know that G’s physician is wrong to prescribe that dreadful medication without first trying massive doses of vitamin B. Physicians have screwed her over with her gall bladder; yet again with her knee replacements. Still, she continues to put unquestioning trust in them. 

Vexed as I am feeling now, there is no value in remonstrating with her in my current state; it would just create resistance and add to her health concerns. Soothing and support is what is needed, not criticisms.

After all, I know from experience nothing works unless I am experiencing lightness of being, and feeling happy and feeling turned on, tuned in and tapped in. After all, I have no idea of what it is like to walk in G’s shoes. She has soldiered on through events in her life that would have sunk my boat. She lives with courage, What do I think I am doing dumping my self-righteousness on her parade?

My primary purpose is being as happy as possible. Unhappiness and disagreeableness does nothing for my well-being and nothing for her well being. 

The best thing for both of us is that I stay as light as possible and hold the vision of her health and well-being.  One cannot experience worry and general affection at the same time.