Photo of leaves filling a space as an illustration of a mind allowed to fill with rampant thoughts

As soon as I woke this morning my mind started jabber, jabber, jabbering. Within seconds it filled the space between my ears with grumbles and natters about the way a close friend was failing to conduct her life in the manner that I thought she should be conducting her life. Until I woke up enough to catch on to what I was doing, my mind was engaging itself with thoughts that were a long way from generating warm and fuzzy feelings. Not only was I making myself feel bad, the focus of my attention was deflected. I was going to a place where I didn’t want to go. I was going to a place that was very far from what I wanted for myself today.

Even if I had some valid observations that could contribute to my friend’s well-being, my grumbly and nattering mood was certainly the space from which to communicate anything. I must laugh at myself. Is it any wonder that I accomplish so little of what I want achieve when half my mental energy focuses on things that are none of my business?

I sincerely desire well-being and happiness for my friend, but my grumbling and critical stance is not the way to contribute to that. It’s on par with beating someone into happiness. It’s a far more effective action to hold her well being in my imagination.