Turning Thoughts to Things

Insight about Abundance

During the morning session with Abraham’s “Financial Abundance” meditation, I received an amazing insight. As if it were a gimble, it flipped my understanding of money upside-down on its head.

What I understand now, that I didn’t understand for most of my life, is that I don’t have to wait around for “enough money” to complete my desire. (In this instance, the term “complete” equates to “manifest.)

I don’t have struggle to acquire enough money to purchase my desire: the money in and of itself is incidental. Don’t misunderstand me. Money is a  huge convenience; furthermore, it is a convenience that I certainly plan to use. However, it is not what I once thought it was.

It’s From Within

My mindset (vibrational set point) about money had the cart before the horse. I thought that I would have esteem and power and safety and security when I had money.

Instead I must know from withing my worth, my personal power, my safety and security before money shows up in my bank account. No wonder I’ve struggled money! I was carrying around a mindset (vibrational set point) that I didn’t have worth, or personal power, or safety and security within myself. I thought that my safety and security came from my parents, my job, and from making the “right decisions to do the right thing.”

It’s not about accumulating money, it’s about focusing without resistance. What it is about is pure and positive focus. It’s about feeling happy and fulfilled with a light and easy focus. It’s about having wonderful time with my desires filled with fun and goodwill.

Turning Thoughts to Things

This is a pivotal post because it is the one that bridges the previous posts into the subject of this blog: turning thoughts to things.