graphic of two coffee cups and saucers
Coffee Set photographed by Gabriela Talerico

As the sun shining up through the silhouettes of the palm trees that I see from my window, feelings of love for my life flood over me. Nevertheless, I see more clearly every day how what a negative mindset I have carried since I was about eight years old. In my heart, I knew that I was supposed to be happy but lacked the skills to maintain my happy state given the powerful influence of my parents’ unhappiness.

Listening to an interview with Michael Lewis yesterday was evidence for me that extraordinarily happy people live in this world and I am one of them. my one and only intention is living more happily each day. Joy is my primary purpose with happiness and fun the organizing principle for all my activities. In turn, I expect to extract a maximum of fun and satisfaction from the mundane tasks that contribute to a comfortable and tidy life.

There is not enough time left on my clock to waste on thoughts, feelings and activities that don’t feel good. It is urgent that I train my vision away from “what is” and focus my gaze on what my desires.

Thinking back on my mother, I feel so happy that my thoughts and feelings of her are filled only with love; my happiest accomplishment was the happiness and satisfaction that I felt caring for her during her final days. Writing this has suddenly conjured her presence, and I am happy that the feelings left are those of love.