Kicking the Tires of March 22, 2018

Camp NaNoWriMo

Signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with a commitment to write a thirty-thousand-word book this April.  This time, I signed up for a non-fiction book about living life in the fast lane for people over 65.

I am a writer

Fact is, I am a writer.  I write.  I want to write. I think of things I want to say by writing. The quality of the writing, the readability of the writing, the interest of others the output of my writing is irrelevant.

When it comes to writing, it boils down to one thing.  Writing sentences, paragraphs, and pages each day until I complete my word goal. Fortunately, I feel comfortable with writing fragments, like blocks of quilt, then arranging the pieces into a coherent pattern.

Focus on One Thing

Today I read a book that I borrowed from Kindle Unlimited half a year ago. It’s about the power of doing one thing.  The first pages contained a diagram of dominoes accompanied by a description of the power of one domino to knock over a larger domino, and so on and so forth until the escalating power of a single small domino can demolish buildings. This was a red letter insight because I fail to complete things. Project that are started take on a life of their own.  They create a vortex of energy that sours and morphs into burdens, baggage and confinement.

Focusing on the single most important thing for today is the touchstone that I am using to align myself daily with Universal energy.  Far, far better to spend ten hours focusing and one hour acting from that alignment then spending ten hours of unfocused activity.

Creating Belief

Writing this is creating belief in the rejuvenating power of years when all energies are focused upon opening the way for the sheer flow of Universal energy.

I had a flash of insight the opened a door for me in the moment. It disappeared before I could write it down.  Remember, I need summarize the day as well as open the day with alignment.