Kicking the Tires of March 23

Mully-Grubby Morning

It’s a hair away from eight in the morning. The sun rising behind the row of palm trees creates a picture that fits an advertising brochure for a tropical island.

However, my feelings don’t match the uplifting view from my window. I am feeling “mully-grubby” which is a feeling identified when I was very young. That feeling established itself as the normal state of feeling when I was about eight.

Light switch

I just recalled how intensely unhappy I often felt in grade school after the family moved to Twin Oaks Valley. Lacking the knowledge and the skill to create an emotional environment that felt good, I settled for a very low level of feelings as my standard.  Well OK.

Now I know possess the power  to create an internal environment that feels good. I have the power of creating an emotional environment that feels a lot better than “mully-grubby.”

Not so long ago, that state of mind would have felt OK; now I want a lot more.  I want to feel happier, I want more clarity, I want more fun, I want to laugh with people, and I want all the money I need to meet my bills and pay for my Shopify Store and my ECWID store.

What’s the one single thing that I must do?  Reach for the better feeling thought: wherever I go, whatever I do look for things that I want to see.