Kicking Days: December 29, 2017

Who Knew? Pleasures of Sex at Seventy-One

It’s sex, it’s sex! The pure pleasure of sex.  Erotic arousal arrived on my doorstep as an early Christmas gift from the universe.The pleasure of orgasm is more than pleasure, it is an experience that makes me aware of my connection to Source. In those moments, I know myself as part of the stars, suns and galaxies of the universe.

Delightfully, the sexuality is self contained; no need to seek another because the erotic imagery of the blue-lighted danae with glinting eyes makes a wonderfully imaginative, and inventive partner.

I don’t imagine single women of seventy-one are expected to be hotbeds of sexuality, but at least one of us, namely me, has become one: in ways both private and highly enjoyable.  The best is that alignment of energy that trips my enthusiasm and enjoyment of life.