New Year’s Day 2018

A Life Moving On

Penny Bush, nee Aldinger may be wrapping up her current life manifestation this year.

Thursday last, she suffered a major heart attack, and was not revived in time to prevent brain damage. She is my cousin. The first and the last time that I saw her, she was three years old.  At the time, she was physically unhappy from the pain created by a hernia.  Of course, that was corrected surgically as soon as it was discovered.

Nevertheless, I have the impression that much of her life was spent walking a path of unhappiness. That is mere conjecture. After all, she spent thirty years with the same man in a relationship that may have been sustaining. She loved to read and spent much time with books, For book lovers, that can bring happiness.  She had dogs that she loved.

Nevertheless, my hope is that she releases this life and returns to joy. From the outside looking in, continuing this manifestation in its present condition would be a threefold burden: first to herself, then to Tim, her partner of thirty years, and finally, her sister Cheryl. But I am on the outside looking in, and such things are not for me to judge.  

Has this aligned me with Source right now? I can shift my thoughts to thinking that this little-known cousin is of Source. Her basic nature is joy, and she can release all her existence and experience her true nature during this Christmas season that celebrates joy, and love, and awareness of the Christ reborn within us.  Wow, that was rather nice. And those are thoughts that I want very much to take up for myself.  My job is participating in joy, and love and deliberate awareness of the Christos that is my true nature.