The Mental Diet: Day Two

Results from Day One

Overall, yesterday was a resounding success! The success was the energy and focus that I brought to tasks that once I resisted because they seemed overwhelming. I looked at the task, looked at what I would need to have on hand before I started, and began. Solutions to small problems just came to me and i was having so much fun that I was sorry that I had to stop before the job was done. Furthermore, (I can hardly believe this myself) the cat vomiting up piles of undigested breakfast left me unperturbed. I simply cleaned up the messing, using a new way of doing this that I had never used before and that really worked.

Moving into Day Two

Today is about shedding an entire “tapestry” of a subconscious doctrine that I wove from the threads of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and inaccururate believes about my father. If I choose to operate from Neville Goddards point of view that everthing in my immediate environment reflects myself, then my job is to proceed undoing the threads of that relationship by looking at it with new eyes. It’s not even 9 a.m. and here I am in a new place. “Daddy” have many genuine gifts, and I appreciate them and love him for them, while leaving the elements of angst and storm and drung behing. Had I been less resistant and resentful, I might have benefited more from those gifts and benefited from them much sooner.

The immediate task requires me to transform the habitual fear and resentment that I have concerning the recurring Friday task. Accomplishing this requires a prescription. “Active belief that everything is always working out for me in ways more wonderous than anything I could plan”

image of two car tires rolling . Conveys the idea of moving forward in my life in a new and unknown direction
Rolling Along with both wheels on the ground