The Seven Day Mental Diet


This is a private journal published publically. When typing thoughts feel more focused; I dont drift and dwadle as I do when I write script in a journal; somehow black ink on a pristine white page calls for a perfection of expression that intimidates me. It is prosdaic and dull; therefore safe from other eyes. So, why do I publish it at all? Having asked the question, I am not going to bog myself down looking for an asnwer. Whatever that answer may be, it makes no difference. The clock is quickly ticking out my alloted thirty minutes so needs must move on.

Heard of Emmet Fox? He wrote the book(let) “The Seven Day Mental Diet.” I start dieting today. No calorie counting. No going hungry. No sacrificing the cream in my coffee. This diet requires internal monitoring of thoughts and moods. and shapeshifting the negativity into a more positive form. I had started paying attention to this in lacadaisical fashion before stumbling over the book. By that time I was already dismayed that my mind is such a weed patch of resistance, resentment, lethergie, and self -pity.

Will I stick to this diet for seven days? If I do, will I feel more light in my ways of interacting with the world? A week of hours will tell.

The Seven Day Diet Starts Today