Roses and Honeysuckle are the flowers for June

Feeling Good with Music

In honor of June, started looking for a recording of Carousel for the song about “June busting out all over.” Naturally, I found it on Amazon Prime music, along with the original sound cast recording of CAMELOT which I played at full volume. When I was seventeen, I knew the lyrics of all the songs by heart. I had a glorious, solo sing along this morning.

Don’t Worry Listen to Music

Woke up in the wee small hours of the morning and got to thinking about the ways I think G should change her behaviors for her own good and her own health. Concluded that it would be a good idea to have a serious conversation about this. What a stupid conclusion: a conclusion that evolves from thoughts that feel bad is a conclusion doomed to produce bad feeling results. After sixty years I am finally getting some smarts by managing my own feelings and keeping my nose out of other people’s business. Wish I had been that smart when I was fourteen and focused on my own feelings instead of wasting my energy on trying to manage my parents. Better late then never??