Graphic of an a circle cut fire opal set in yellow gold with a diamond surround.
If Wishes Were Horses, I’d Have a Horse

If Wishes Were Horses, or Playing with the Impractical

This morning, I played a game where I had to spend about five hundred thousand dollars (imaginary). Would you believe it? After I spent some bucks on a new computer with all the whistles and bells, I had a hard time finding ways to spend the money. My imagination has become so narrow and restricted from practical habits, that it could barely lift off into a flight of fantasy.

Finally, I remembered that I love fire opals and would enjoy owning a very expensive one as I find them more interesting than diamonds. Then would you belief it? I had to remember that all my life I have pined for a horse. At my time in life, I want an Icelandic horse that is low to the ground, smart, bomb-proof, and as smooth to ride as a sofa on wheels. So I spend a lot of imaginary money on some opals and a really fine Icelandic of Vikingsholm breeding. Still had a lot of dollars left over.

My imagination really needs to be dusted out and taken for an airing