Feels better thinking about something else

Magic of Stopping Thought

Stay in bed till you feel better

T’is a sort of magic. Woke up this morning with thoughts vacillating about what I should do this Sunday. This was accompanied by a very stiff neck and a headache. Feeling wise, the vibes were dismal. So, I decided that I was not going to get out of bed and move around in that state. I stayed in bed and stopped thought by listening to soothing music long for my spirits to bob up to a point that I was enthusiastic about coffee.


With my thermos of coffee, plunked down on the couch and meditated. My mind quieted and the more quiet it became, the happier I became. The vacillation stopped, my headache stopped and much of the neck pain dissipated. I started to get happy, and the road to a satisfying day opened in front of my mind’s eye.

At Peace with Today’s Financial Status

The best outcome of the day so far, is that I am at peace with today’s (or this hour’s financial situation). I feel at ease and relaxed with this hour’s financial situation. My desire is for a different situation, because it feels like more fun, but for the first time since I was fourteen I am experiencing ease and confidence in myself.