Kicking the Tires of April 16

Satisfying Rich and Deep Sleep

What a wonderful sleep I had last night; I wore my sleep mask, and had earplugs in my ears. That was secondary to my decision to set aside my Ipad and my Iphone. I didn’t read, I didn’t watch movies. My sleep was richly satisfying, and free from cares.

Monitoring Thoughts and Feelings

Nevertheless, I quickly drifted into thoughts that were creating an unpleasant mood mixed with anger, criticism and self-righteousness. It shocks me to grasp that I thought that was a normal and acceptable way of living my life.

I am giving myself kudos for catching that feeling and retreating from it to look at photos and read a few pages of an absolutely aweful book. The book at least distracted me enough from the momentum of the earlier mood in a way that alllowed my “cork to float.” Right now I am feeling pretty happy.

Can I believe that I allowed myself to project feelings, and say things that were not only lacking harmony, but would diminish somebody’s happiness in having a dog.

What do I Want?

Generally speaking, I want harmony in every hour of my days. Specifically I want happy experiences with little dog Bailey, in a way that enhances my day in many ways without interfering with my time, and my focus, and my projects.

Happiness is a little dog