Kicking Days April 10 2019

Managing Thoughts and Feelings

I am a long way from where I want to be; oops I prefer saying I am making forward progress improving the vibration of my set point. Happily, I am becoming more attentive to the way I feel. I am convinced my emotions indicate the state of my alignment with the joy of living. It has been an eye-opening education to see clearly and feel directly the extent of my negative and critical thinking and the overall unhappiness of my general mood. On the up side, I can teach that old dog of myself new tricks and change the tone and tenor of my thoughts and the resulting feelings. It is by my direct experience that I subscribe to point of view that creation is the product of attraction.

Single-Minded Focus

This morning, I read an excerpt of Melinda Gates’ book Lift. This book added more fuel to my vision that all things can be accomplished through sustained focus upon a single simple and well-defined objective. It does not matter what you pick because concentrated focus upon that subject naturally expands and becomes more inclusive within the focus. In fact, the focus remains single-minded but expands naturally, the same way that the seed of a crystal maintains its structure and clarity as it grows.

Today’s Focus

My focus for today is this: pick something then concentrate my attention on it.