Graphic Illustrating Step One of Using Imagination
Using Imagination: Step One

Feeling bad about missing several days. That disturbs me because I use each page as the compass for navigating a route to satisfaction in my day. Through writing I combine setting an intention for the day with building positive mental setpoint. Today, I must clean up the feelings that G’s issues with her eyes are interfering with my life. Instead of believing that I my desires and goals are taking a back seat, I choose to believe that my focus, my organizational skills, and my capacity for allowing the Universe to work things out has expended.

When push comes to shove I can’t successfully breathe for myself five minutes. My only real control extends to the amount of energy I allow to flow, along with my level of receptivity. My ability to recognize resistance daily becomes sharper and sharper, and I am daily becoming more skilled at shifting the resistance. As I am typing in this moment, I recognize the overwhelming sleepiness is nothing more than habitual resistance.