Vibrational Set Point

Oh my god, I feel so very happy with the understanding that the events in my life that were about 180° from my desires were simply reflections of the vibration set point at the time (and no, I can’t write that sentence more simply because I am in William Faulkner mode.)

Closing the Gap

Experience corroborates that I can re-establish my vibrational set point and close the gap between where I am standing this moment and the desires placed in my vortex. There is more and more “evidence” that thoughts turn to things. A better way to state that is MY THOUGHTS turn to my things. If my thoughts accomplished my successful negotiation of an unpleasant event in my life, that is evidence that I can create the abundance that I want in my life.

What’s Working Right Now

Think about the wonderful things in my life:

  1. The visit to Reader’s Leap. It feels fantastic to see such abundance use to create such a wonderful estate! That I experienced Reader’s Leap is a signpost pointing to the abundance in my life.
  2. I am also having such a wonderful time using Illustrator. I am getting better and better! In fact, I amaze myself with the creations that I have built with that software. It makes me so happy that I feel like dancing.
  3. I am belly dancing again to drum music that stirs the blood and makes me sing.

New Emphasis on this Blog

I am shifting the focus of this blog, beginning today. The new emphasis is the creative power of thought: of turning thoughts to things.

An Abundance of Beauty