Kicking the Tires of Friday, September 28

First Align, First Align

Well, old buddy, I’ve learned again that nothing is more important than taking the time, first thing in the morning, to align my energy and my focus with the universal mind, or inner being before taking on anything in the day apart from making my bed and fixing my lemon-coconut oil drink. Yesterday, while driving, I deliberately shifted my energy and focused on having a smooth and safe drive to Novato. It certainly worked; I was able to smoothly negotiate traffic.

Fun Things to Do as a Multimillionaire

Now, I am talking about all the truly fun things that I desire to do as a multimillionaire. First, I will purchase this mobile unit from Genny, then gift it back to her, or simply establish a legal contract that she has full right and access during her lifetime. Or, here’s another thought: as much as I love this unit, it needs a lot of work to remodel and restore. Maybe I will buy a new unit of the same size to replace this one. That’s an option, but we will follow the path of least resistance. In any case, can you think of anything that would be more fun than that? Naturally, I would hire a moving company to pack and unpack all the contents. Oh, and game day! Think of this: hosting Game Day in a suite at the Ritz-Carleton in the city and have a limousine driver pick everyone up to drive them into the city.