• Keep feeling good is my number one priority
  • Feeling good is my only priority
  • Wherever I go, whatever I do, I look for something I want to see, or hear, or taste, or touch, or feel
  • Satisfaction, Satisfaction, I’ve Got Satisfaction
  • Feeling Mully-Grubby and Blah? That isn’t the way I want to feel

Am I Dancing? Dance

Riches wrap around me like my favorite dress


Every day in every way, Universe corroborates the creative power of thought.

I am feeling the fun of the new Ipad with all its updated functionality, and it’s Apple pen. What would I like more? The IPad Pro? I will have to go to Costco, or to the Apple store and look at the existing models. I wonder if I would really like to have a red IPad. Maybe go with a red IPad cover. I see myself doing a lot more designing with the Ipad than the iPhone.

God I love my iPhone