Kicking the Tires of Sunday, September 16

Playing Around with Virtual Reality

Another moment of virtual reality: writing the closing pages on a humorous novel recasting my life as a delightful comedy filled with character and engaging writing. Wow! I really like that idea. I really want to be a humorous writer. As I write the final close pages, my heart bursts with satisfaction. I feel so happy. I had a wonderful time allowing the creation of this book.

On My Way to a Week of Pony-Trekking

Now, I am getting off my first-class flight to Reykjavik. Flying first class is so fun and so relaxing. The flight attendants in the first-class cabin were such fun and so attentive. The food was delicious, and the passengers got together for a spontaneous sing-along. Furthermore, I even had a delicious sleep as well; the seats made up into beds that reminded me of the sleeping hammocks used by the sailors in the British Navy during the days of sail. Meeting me at the plane was one of the ten best looking men in the Northern Hemisphere. Such a delight of chiseled features, true-gold hair, and intense blue eyes. Lovely to look at, but I am more interested in meeting the horses!.