Kicking the Tires of Tuesday, August 18

Thinking Millionaire at Seventy-One

It is easier today creating the idea that I am an overnight multimillionaire; that thought satisfies me for now. There are two things that really light my fire about being a millionaire.

Two Kinds of Millionaire Fun

Numero Uno is freedom, freedom, freedom to move anywhere that I want to go at the drop of a hat, IN COMFORT. NumeroDuo is the financial means to expand the comfort and ease of the elderly friends in my life. I can buy Genny’s mobile home, then upgrade and remodel it in a manner worthy of Architect’s Digest. When necessary, I can provide the finest quality of care for my sister, Genny, and for Greg.

The Third Kind of Fun

Yes, I referenced two wonderful things about being a multimillionaire, but I am going to sneak in a third: that of entertaining my friends. Think of it! Game Days at the Ritz-Carleton, with transportation provided by limousine.

These thoughts certainly delight me more than those of my usual trend of mind.