Kicking the Tires of Tuesday June 12

Good Morning Resistance

Here I sit, feeling resistance. Yet, I’ve decided that nothing is more important than feeling good. One the other hand, feeling resistant is a familiar feeling. It’s so easy to flop into it; like flopping deep into a feather bed.

The Catch-22 is resistance feels bad and it will feel bad the whole day. I choose to believe that I am too worthwhile to settle-again. Granted, only a narrow range of feelings is available to me, but I have the power of this now to reach for the highest emotion available to me. After all I have moved up the emotional scale to pessimism; I can reach for that.


Most likely, it’s too late for me to make anything of this life; however, I have a lot of comfort and free time. Furthermore, there are many interesting things in the world that reveal themselves to me when I focus my attention. I have the tools to learn new software programs. My plate may be small, but it is heaped with delectable items for my enjoyment.

Learning about the accomplishments of my friend CB skewered me with pain. There is so much to regret for a life that that I frittered away. Yet, I refuse to flagellate myself. The better-feeling choice is rejoicing in my friend’s success, while focusing my attention on extracting the juice from my day. Am I rejoicing in my friend’s success. Hell No! But I want to, I really want too, so I’ll get there.

The Necklace of Small Moments

What I choose to believe is that I can live small moments filled with satisfaction, moments of joyousness. I can have small moments flooded with appreciation and happiness. I can thread a necklace from all the small pearls of moments.