Kicking the Tires of Monday June 11




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Colors of Pessimism

From Frustration to Pessimism

Today’s morning inspirational read dropped these thoughts into my mind. First, my emotional canvass has shifted far from anger; it has morphed into frustration, and irritation and impatience. That vibrational set point feels miles from the earlier background rumble of anger.

The thought excites me is

“I can move lightly and quickly up the emotional scale. There is no law requiring me to spend lot of time in any state; I don’t have to obtain anyone’s approval to move upward quickly.”

It follows that I can move to pessimism right now, this minute.

Yesterday’s Results

The few minutes spent yesterday on meditation and pre-paving generated a day that worked out smoothly, and effortlessly.

  • The drive to Concord was effortless.
  • I remembered to bring Gwaltney’s scarf with me to Patricia’s house. (Serendipity because Patricia was invited to dine with Gwaltney and Carl that very evening.)
  • The book club discussion was pleasant.

All in all a very satisfactory day that took me to new desire. I want smooth productive evenings, and I want to add meditation and pre-paving to the evening. I have a desire to add wonderful dreams to the agenda.

As a side note, the problem that I thought I had concerning painted valves has resolved itself in an unexpected way; I am confident it will be an easy job installing a new flush valve in the toilet.