Kicking the Tires of Thursday June 14

OK here goes. Pure and simply I want to move faster and more successfully to achieving my financial goals, or manifesting the millions available vortex. It’s a simple answer: there is a gap between my current mindset, and the mindset of abundance. My focus is misaligned, and I am resistant rather then open to receiving. Conflicts are canceling out the momentum.

Whoops, I feel myself creating the wrong momentum. “The car perched at the top of Knob Hill is starting to move a direction of self-criticism. That’s developing momentum in the wrong direction. What takes me where I want to go is feeling that I am on the verge of developing a truly wonderful and fun online business that provides a valuable service, generates a lot of income, and is a lot of fun to do. There is a huge market among the senior community. There is an opportunity for me to become a real presence, with a lot of positive public exposure.

Well that short paragraph has definitely moved me in the direction that I want to go,