Kicking the Tires of Tuesday May 29

Out for Revenge

Right now, I am annoyed and pissed at a family member. Color my mood “revengeful.” Thinking of ways to extract revenge for an injustice is going to darken my day. Is this how I want to spend today’s wish?

Managing Mood with Different Thoughts

Graphic wiih flowers and text
Changing Mood

When my fairy godmother offers me a choice between exacting revenge and having twenty dollars in my pocket today, the money wins hands down. Even better, a man or a woman pays me twenty dollars because they are so damn pleased with something wonderful that I created. It could be something I wrote, something designed, or a video that I created.

Now that is a series of thought that really pleases me. That is something into which I can really sink my teeth. Imagine writing something small and brilliant. Imagine a thousand followers for things that I do. That line of thought fills my head completely. I has eradicated the mental nattering of being wronged. My cork floats and bobs on the surface of a sunlit sea. I feel good.