Kicking the Tires of Memorial Day Monday


Keeping up the vibes

Moving up the Emotional Scale

Gaah! The purpose of this daily exercise moving into a better feeling place, lining up my energy, and opening a fluid flow of focus toward my desires. The effect of writing this simple statemen surprises me! Immediate feelings of clarity combined with an uplift in my feelings.

Deliberately Managing the Way I Feel

Now I feel good enough to continue writing about my desires for the day, the joy that I desire from the day, and the feelings of confidence and satisfaction that I want from the day.

Music helps a lot! I am listening to Susan Chiani’s album “The Velocity of Love.”. She has always had a melancholic melodic line that makes my heart sing. Music written in minor key always kicks me further up the happiness ladder. I know without a doubt that I really want to eke as much joy and happiness out of my days as possible. I can’t afford not to spend a few minutes every morning writing and listening to music.

My evenings will be doubly enhanced if I include deliberate shift of mood through writing and music as well. Lots of deep sleep with a mask and ear plugs and lots of happy thoughts in the evening as well.