Kicking the Tires of Wednesday, May 30: In Love Again

Ah YES! I am in love again. Being in love transforms life. The most boring daily routine morph into something fun and delightful.

In Love with Life is Power

Being in love with another person, or place, or animal, or object creates magic. Being in love with living magnifies the magic to the tenth power. Furthermore,  it shifts my experience of myself as “stranger in a strange land” to being the center of a universe designed solely for my well being.  I am walking clad in a new awareness of my worth and value.

“The power of love” is hardly new; it has been a key theme down the centuries.  However, I feel certain it has also been misinterpreted down the centuries. The term ‘love’ does not refer to a quality of feeling that one has for another object outside itself.  Nor is it a quality of feeling that one seeks to elicit from another.

What it “love” does refer to is an individual’s feeling of connection to the power of the Universe itself. Experiencing “love” is experiencing a flow of energy and well-being accompanied with a certainty that all is right in the world.