Kicking the Tires of Thursday May 24

Career is the most important arena of my life.

The Career Path Chooses Me

Stymied, stuck, static, solidified, stalagmite-ized. Therefore, the only option is stepping backwards: once, twice, three, four, five, then six steps to gain a more expansive perspective. One that gives me room to breath and feels better.

This perspective allows me the room for better feeling thoughts. It allows me to think and feel that I am already deep into my career.  From an expanded view I am able to see clearly how important to consider every thought, every feeling, and every action as steps on my career path.

My feelings are my most reliable guide. The steps that feel better are career steps; those steps that don’t feel good are not career steps. When I look a others in my life who are deeply engaged with satisfying careers, my job is shifting from feelings of regret, jealousy and envy to a daily practice of enjoyment in their accomplishments and joy in the accomplishments ahead of me.

In general, my career is creating fun, provocative products for myself that elevate my experience of appreciation, well-being and abundance with deft humor. My career is enjoying myself with humor, with twists of perception, and with written and illustrated communications.