Kicking the Tires of Sunday, May 27

Today’s word of wisdom counsels me to drop critical thoughts. Critical thoughts of myself, and of others throw me out of kilter when it comes to connecting with source energy.

Peace and Freedom of an Empty Head

“Source steadily views everyone with appreciation free from judgement. “Timely words because my head has been a dovecote fluttering with critical thoughts a about a family member, who postponed a planned engagement. Ironically, I experienced relief because the cancellation freed me to spend time on some very pleasant things. My day was much brightened by the substitution.

However, the critical thoughts flowing through my head were not limited to that family member; the wings of my thoughts carried a lot of criticism of other, including myself.

Imagine the inside of my head with the critical furniture removed. Pretty much an empty room, and it feels good imagining that open space.

With it empty, I can fill it with thoughts and feelings that feel good; thoughts and feelings focused upon pleasing thoughts of my desires.