Kicking the Day of Mother’s Day Sunday

Today is Mother’s Day. Once upon a time, the day weighed in with importance; now it drifts from sunup to sunset only the slightest of ripples.

Photograph of purple flowers
Road side moment

Heavens above! I caught myself on the verge of creating for myself a mood of melancholy and nostalgia. Certainly, I am not going down that road. Especially when there is such a fund of many happy thoughts of my relationship with Hazel.

The relationship is vibrant although in different shape and form. It remains strong, and fresh and much happier. Hazel merged into pure, positive energy. I practice reaching for better feeling thoughts purposely making my only goal that of feeling good.

One of my favorite thoughts was choosing a cake from the wonderful Blum”s bakery from the I Magnin on Wislshire Blvd. Another favorite thought was brunch in Marina Del Rey with both Hazel and Lois.

And Oh! Those fabulous trips. Hazel and I on that ten day excursion through the Mother Lode country jam packed with small surprises, unexpected delights, and little wonders. Hazel, Lois, and I on the week long drive up Route One from San Diego to San Francisco.

It is amazing how wonderful my life, and how much more wonderful when I spend fifteen minutes aligning myself with Source.