Kicking the Tires of Saturday May 11

VICTORY! VICTORY! Standing atop a heap of wins this week. It’s wonderful thinking about al the events that have worked out smoothly this week. The small things equal the “big” things in importance. I treat all of them as evidence that things are always working out for me.

First, I had funds available to treat friends to lunch during a rendezvous at Cornerstones. I acted as host instead of expecting friends, who are temporarily more in funds than I to pick up the bill. Secondly the friends really enjoyed visiting Cornerstones. As a bonus, Spring flowers were blooming everywhere.

Although I spent an amount for lunch that represented a large percentage of my available funds, I had an abundance of funds for renewing my AAA membership at the premium level.

Now, I possess an iPhone. It is in my hands; in my pocket by day; on the nightstand while I sleep. I was so happy with the BLU phone that it tugged my heart to set it aside. Nevertheless, I desired an Iphone because of its enhanced operating system and 32 gigs of memory. The monthly price of the Iphone combined with the cost of mobile service is less than that of my original provider (that I loved). It is reflection of the deliberate focus on shifting the vibrational set point.

Last, but not least, the missing piece of Direct TV equipment (a mini-genie) showed up in my box of electronic parts. It was returned via FedEx on Wednesday morning: G will not be charged for equipment that was not returned.

I love life being good.