Kicking Yesterday’s Tires Today

Alignment for Saturday, January 13

Celebrating Micro Successes

Giggles! Successfully relaxed into well being for about an hour yesterday. A young man had the right numbers for ‘the big lottery.”  Electing the lump sum payment, he is over 200 million dollars richer. Think of it, abundance arrives out of the blue.  Think about this happy news; a young man is on the path of financial abundance for the rest of his life  That is in line with what I want: immersion in financial abundance so that I have what I want, easily and effortlessly for the rest of my life.  Imagine how much fun to remodel Genny’s mobile home from top to bottom, and put her up in a luxury hotel while it’s happening.  Imagine purchasing a brand new modular home for Linda and Greg.  Imagine gifting Cheryl with a million dollars!  Imagine flying Genny first class to Canada to visit her son, granddaughter, and grandchildren.

Fun Thoughts of Abundance $$$$

I love having fun, and one of the most fun things in all the world is providing good things, happy graphic of a modular home wiht a lawnthings, and fun things for people.  What I really like is my shift from dependence to independence.  Thinking about providing wonderful things for people is a really happy thought.  It feels really good just thinking about doing those things!  It feels good to think about Genny feeling vital, and energetic with strong legs returning to her ability dance.