Kicking the Tires of January 12

Relax into Awareness of Well Being

My shoulder is experiencing sensations reminiscent of sharp stabs with a blunt knife. However, this does not detract from luxuriating in well-being.  Inside a warm shelter while cold fog swirls around the outside.  A snuggly warm robe, a wonderful computer, cats on my bed, topped with the whipped cream of a subliminal erotic arousal. I am certainly more engaged with these wonderful experiences.  I enjoy focusing this way when I remember the way I felt when I was wracked with feelings of discomfort.  

Think of those great lyrics from “Westside Story.”  I feel pretty, oh so pretty, it’s alarming how charming I feel.  A thought drifted across my mind that I really like thinking.  What if the deliberate cultivation of well-being combined with the active practice of vivid imagination, opens doors to a new journey, far more exciting than I deemed possible.  A new way of participating in the world that is far outside the box of expectations, imagine driving a hundred miles an hour without trees in the way.

Remember, it’s too big to control-all I can do is guide my thoughts and allow “The Manager” to work it out.