Kicking the Day January 5

Right now, I am feeling reverberations from yesterday’s visit by relatives. A substantial focus of energy was needed to prepare for the visit. The feelings of effort was of course my resistance. Right now, I have happy feelings about the visit. That happiness relates to dropping my resistance in a way that I could render assistance in a way that others perceived as valuable.

I’m promising myself to daily practice of imagination. Practicing creative imagination in order to generate better feeling while distracting my attention to the conditions around me.  Abraham says the conditions surrounding me are things past, done and over with.  Using imagination focuses me on the creative power of the now.

Trickle of Abundance

Already, I am experiencing so much value from aligning my day, that I am eager to add an evening alignment as well.  Happily, I am finding the feeling place of financial abundance. It’s a trickle of feeling but in Itasca State Park in Minnesota, I stepped over a tiny trickle of water that becomes the mighty Mississippi in just a few miles.  The trickle of abundance that I feel can just as easily become the abundance so vast that I cannot see across it.