Kicking the Tires of January 6

Daring to Give up Responsibility for my Life

Imagine this! Imagine completely giving up responsibility for my life! Think of this.  My responsibility is choosing the better feeling thought, and having preferences. Then allow the ship’s captain and the navigator to guide my ship while I relax and enjoy.

Get Out There and Mix It Up

Think about Thursday with it moments of very different experiences with new people, among them a two-year little boy. Its experience of getting a meal on the table. It’s experience of dealing with vomit.  It was awful in a wonderful way.

Just getting out of my comfort zone, and dealing with stuff and dropping enough resistance to allow useful suggestions to flow through me Yes, I do want to get out and mix it up.  If I roller coaster up and down the emotional scale, that’s totally OK because I get more and more experienced reaching for what feels good.

Imagine giving myself permission to have what I want! That’s an idea that gives me shivers of pleasure. I say “Yes! I am totally willing to give myself permission to have what I want.”