Kicking the Day January 3, 2018

A New Habit: Feeling Good

Time to focus on feeling good!  What I like is knowing that I can move myself to a much better feeling place. I choose good feeling music. I tone up and down the scale with a pitch pipe. I sing.  I think about feeling really good instead of thinking about the conditions around me. I use imagination to create a place that feels good.


One of the things that I really love is sitting on a nice sun warmed flat rock near the ocean, and losing myself in the hypnotic rhythm of the waves.  The quiet mindless-ness merging myself always feels good. I feel a sweet breeze on my face. The warmth of a mild sun, just warm enough to sit comfortably without a jacket. Smelling the saltiness of the ocean; hearing the cry of the gulls wheeling overhead.  Down the beach a dog runs with a stick in his mouth.  Sandpipers run along the beach.  Little waves dissolve into a wash of water. How do I feel now? I moved up the scale to one step below satisfaction.

Practicing New Thoughts

Yesterday, I gave up empathy because I don’t want to add another link to the chain of pain. A person in my life experiences pain in her back- again.  I assist by applying a prescription gel to her back because she cannot reach it herself, but offer no expressions of sympathy. I don’t allow myself to feel badly because she does.   Instead choose thoughts about her true nature. Source knows her as bright and healthy, Source knows her as a capable and loving person, filled with generosity and love. If Source knows her as a capable, loving and generous person, then I know her as a capable, loving, and generous person filled with well-being.

Daring to Think Well of Myself

I choose to look through the current presentation to see who she really is and connect with that;  However, to do that, I must look through my own manifestations of resistance, and experience myself as Source experiences me: generous, humorous, loving, filled with the enjoyment of the craziness. This takes me down an interesting alley.  What about this business of seeing myself as one of the ten most wonderful people in the world.  Source adores me; what if I adore myself completely and without reservation. Little voice tells me its wrong to adore me because I don’t live up to certain standards.  Wow! An entire chain of thoughts streaming through my head telling me I can’t adore myself and think of myself a totally wonderful. It’s delusional, its egotistical, I am not perfect. I don’t know unless I allow myself to experience myself as the best thing since sliced bread.  Everyone around me is so lucky that I am near their experience.

End Note

The person in my life just came by to tell me how much the gel application has helped her back; I know that has to do with my shift in the way I choose to view her.