Kicking the Day January 2

It’s About Feeling Good

Alignment is about feeling good; purely feeling good without regard to any circumstance, event or situation.  Alignment is about simply feeling good without attempting to fix anything, or change anything.

Am I feeling good right now?  Nope, I am not feeling good because I am running a background dialogue about my environment, and about myself that feels like a muttering discontent. Just identifying that the “normal” feeling that I carry around is not joy and happiness and content opens a little door to pivoting.

Feeling Good without Conditions

Feeling good is not connected to a because. There are no conditions to feeling good. Feeling good is not contingent upon circumstances. There are lots of unhappy people in this world. Joining that unhappiness merely adds another link to a chain of pain. It is certainly not going to create a good day for me. For this day, I am giving up empathy. I am giving up feeling sorry for anyone.  That applies to my dear friend G. In my heart I am saying “G.I don’t know what your are feeling about your family. If you are feeling bad about your family, you are on your own. I am not joining you in your bad feelings to make you feel that I am on your side. Instead I will do my best to feel as happy as I can with all interactions with you.

A New Habit for 2018

Fifty-eight years ago, my parents were immersed in bad feelings that led to divorce.  Right in line with them I felt very bad indeed.  I didn’t know then that my feelings didn’t depend upon the way my parents felt.  I didn’t know the one thing I could control was the way I felt. So, I developed a habit of feeling bad.  I dragged that habit through my life for the next fifty-eight years. Even sillier, I fastened on to the idea that feeling bad made me somewhat superior. Idiot. Time for a new habit: feeling good.