Exactly 20 minutes to come up with an idea, convert it to comprehensible text then post. What am I imagining this minute?

Therein lies the rub. I have spent too much time doing busy things without taking time to imagine what I want and how I want the day to go. Running around doing stuff without a “framework” ends up with a day filled with dissatisfaction. It takes focused effort to sit down in the quiet and imagine how you want a day to go- even more importantly why I want the day to go that direction.

Three years ago, I was in survival mode. The blazing priority was security. A roof over my head, a bed and a bathroom with a toilet and shower were immediate necessities. Those needs were met some time ago. With the days left to me, I want to build a life for myself that provides satisfaction accompanied by fun along the way. That takes imagination.

It takes imagination to practice imagination. Enough said: I provided myself with enough inner pep talk to make my day worthwhile. The neighbor’s cats are hungry and need to be fed. Imagine them listening for my foot steps and watching the door.