I really love feeling happy! There isn’t much better than just feeling happy. The morning meditation combined with a few minutes of changing to better feeling thoughts really makes a difference. Now I understand what is meant by creating one’s own reality. What it means is deliberately shifting that inner space consisting of thoughts and feelings to one that is happier, more filled with contentment and more satisfying regardless of the temporary exterior situation. The more I practice holding a steady interior space, the more balanced I become. As the interior space changes, it begins to radiate outwardly shifting the exterior elements as well. It is becoming more and more true that universal energy does revolve around me (as it does for everyone).

Yesterday, there was a lot of resistance created through habitual thoughts of resentment and unfairness; however, I was able to identify them as nothing more than a series of old thought and their caravan of old feelings. Could I stop them? No, but as I recognized them. Sometimes recognizing them allowed me to pivot away to more energetic feelings, otherwise I was smart enough to simply take a nap. Their hold diminishes as the practice of pivoting to more positive thoughts increases exponentially.