Small Miracles

Yesterday was a day of small miracles. I adore days like that and I am having more of them because they add wonderful flavors and exciting tastes to the flavor of the day.
  • Miracle #1    My faithful Saturn passed the smog test with flying colors
  • Miracle #2    A four-inch spike that wound up in the side of my left rear tire did not puncture the vital interior wall of the tire, and I didn’t need to purchase a new tire.
  • Miracle #3    I found Genny’s receipt from Kohl’s with the complete number of the gift card she purchased as a birthday gift, and she can have it voided.

Saving the best miracle for last: I have “a story” for the novel I am writing for NaNoWriMo this year and I know that I will finish that novel four days ahead of time.

A Habit of Small Miracles

I have a few habits that I want to add and the habit of daily small miracles is a very good habit to have.